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I feel honored to be the inspiration for "Bonnie's song". - anonymous
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Show Me The Way To Go Home

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      While the authorship of the song is in constant debate Dirt Garden keeps out of the scuffle. Alec first wrote this the day after his third birthday (March 28, 1919). While this clearly shows where the credit is due (though Dirt Garden recognizes that other minds may have also created "Show Me The Way To Go Home" independently), Alec prefers to take the quiet road and just enjoy performing the song for his adoring fans every chance he gets.

      Alec A Capella is an unaccompanied version spontaneously performed at a dinner last week. When creative juices are flowing nothing stops Alec J. Male. Take care though. If he's in the middle of a mouthful of food you may want to duck.

Produced, Engineered, Mastered and Recorded by Kap
Vocals by Alec J. Male
January, 2002

      Alec with Pedal is another in a long list of collaborations with top musicians for Alec. While Dirt Garden is a close knit bunch our extended family spans the entire globe. Most of this is due to Alec's charismatic charm and intelligent yet often plebeian humor. Pedal is a fine group of young musicians currently roaming about Austin, TX. Check 'em out if you're down that way.

      Produced by Kap
Engineered and Mastered by Sean Dunn (in 20 minutes no less)
Recorded by Sean Dunn and Kap
Vocals by Alec J. Male
All Instrumentation by Pedal
January, 2002

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