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I feel honored to be the inspiration for "Bonnie's song". - anonymous
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Email about Barnacle Bill The Sailor

Subject : Barnacle Bill
Date    : Thu, January 27, 2005 4:57 pm 

Melissa writes:

	Good Afternoon

	My father use to sing the first verse of Barnacle Bill when we
	were little. I wanted to know the rest of the song, but he
	refused to tell us because of the Bad words.  He told us that
	he would tell us the rest when we turned 40. I am now 37.  It
	has been a hunt for me since I was 18 to find the words before
	I reached the age of 40. I have since found them and have
	bragged to my dad that I found it.  He of course says they are
	not the right words. I just wanted to pass this email to you
	just to tell you a funny story about the song. Have a great

	HM1(SW/AW) Melissa E. Barth

Subject : Re: Barnacle Bill
Date    : Fri, May 13, 2005 4:11 pm 

Dirt Garden replies:


     The remaining members of Dirt Garden are very pleased to hear
     your story and happy to have brought a smile to your face. We do
     try to keep the lyrics clean so fans of all ages can enjoy.

     Kap of Dirt Garden

Subject: Barnical Bill
Date   : Thu, January 23, 2003 1:44 pm 

Toni, Lucy, Sarah, Kirsten write:

     Dear Dirt,
     In my dance school we are doing a Choreography compotition and
     my group would like to do a tap dance to Barnacle Bill (that is
     used as the theme tune on BBC'S Blue Peter) we have tried every
     where to get the music But have failed each time and this is our
     last resort.
     If you would like to help us please send us a way of getting the 
     music I.GO a website address.

     Yours sincerely Toni ,Lucy,Sarah,Kirsten and friends.

Subject: Re: Barnical Bill
Date   : Thu, January 23, 2003 3:42 pm 

Dirt Garden replies:

     Dear Toni, Lucy, Sarah, Kirsten and friends,

     You should try the book listed here:


     I'd send along the sheet music we use if we used any. Alec insists on
     wignin' just about everything. In fact, it is difficult to get him to 
     even commit to lyrics most times. In the coming months we hope to 
     share a recording of Dirt Garden performing Barnacle Bill The Sailor 
     but Alec has been recovering from serious illness and is yet not well 
     enough to go back to the studio. Although it would seem too late to be 
     useful to you, you are welcome to check the site in a few months.

     Best regards,
     Kap and the rest of Dirt Garden

Subject: Airbourne Ralph the Ranger???
Date   : Tue, September 10, 2002 4:16 pm 

Stephen Foster writes:

     Have you ever heard a song that is sung to the tune of Barnacle Bill the
     Sailor, but is " Airbourne Ralph the Ranger" ? The lyrics are a bit more
     risque than Barnacle Bill! Use to sing it when I was in the Ranger platoon
     in ROTC at OSU back in the 70's.

     Steve Foster

Subject: Re: Airbourne Ralph the Ranger???
Date   : Tue, August 19, 2003 12:08 am 

Dirt Garden replies:

     Hello Steve,

     I personally have not heard of "Airbourne Ralph the Ranger" but it is 
     very possible Alec did. Alec has recently passed away so I am unable 
     to ask him. There are many variations on Barnacle Bill though in a 
     quick search I could not find reference to Ralph. You may have some 
     unique contents on your hands, a rare thing with the web these days.

     Kap of Dirt Garden     

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